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      2. The Napco Family of Companies


        Napco Security Technologies: A History of Security Innovation

        Since 1969, NAPCO has enjoyed a heritage and proven record in the professional security community for reliably delivering both advanced technology and high quality security solutions, building many of the industry's best-known brands, such as NAPCO Security Systems, Alarm Lock, Continental Access and now including Marks USA, and the Group's most popular product lines: including Gemini and new F64-Series hardwire/wireless intrusion systems, iSee Video internet video solutions, Trilogy standalone electronic PIN/Prox access locks, CardAccess enterprise class integrated access & security systems, and Marks USA's i-Que lock and Hi-Security cylinder lines. Today, millions of businesses, institutions, homes, and people around the globe are protected by products from the NAPCO Group of Companies.

        Napco security technologies


        New! StarLink AT&T LTE Universal Cell Communicators Now Available for All Applications

        August 2019
        By popular demand, NAPCO Security Technologies, known for innovative technology and reliable professional security solutions, is expanding its award-winning line of StarLink® Universal Cellular Communicators with new models on the AT&T LTE...
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        Cost-Saving Continental Access? uniVerse? POE Single-Door Controller, Now Available in Surface Mount Version -– Ideal for Schools & Healthcare Facilities

        July 2019
        Continental Access, a division of Napco Security Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce its uniVerse? Series Single-Door Controllers, featuring "EZ-learn networking", are now available...
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        Product SpotLight

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